Art in Context

Based in New York, Cincala Art is a practice focused on providing professional services in contemporary and post-war art. These capabilities are formed through the objective coverage of both established and emerging artists, informed research and analysis, and the employment of a critical and discerning eye. By virtue of professional education and experience in both Architecture and Fine Art, the practice brings a unique understanding of the successful interplay of art and space.

Bespoke Art Consultancy and Advisory Services

Services offered are bespoke based on the individual objectives of each particular client, but can include all aspects of sourcing, price evaluation, acquisition and deaccessioning of artwork, in addition to the assessment of artwork in the context of architectural space, whether residential or corporate.

For those clients preferring the anonymity of arms-length negotiations, Cincala Art is able to offer complete privacy and confidentiality. Additional services include customized, comprehensive collection management services.

We invite you to contact us to learn more.